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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post

Jack Slack actually wrote in his Killing the King of GSP:

It was this fight that changed GSP. I am not saying Serra is a better fighter than GSP, we all know that isn't true. I am saying Serra exploited a weakness of GSP so badly he changed his entire fighting style.
Hendricks would have to show me he is capable of following (let alone effectively implementing) that game plan (power shots to the body to set up for the head shot) before I started to worry about that from Hendricks ... check the Koscheck fight, he was all head-hunter. Not to mention Kos out clearly wrestled him IMO (stuffs, take downs, and control,) and Johnny seems to be slightly gassed in the 3rd round.

Hendricks got in the more strikes in rounds 1 & 2 of the Koscheck fight, where wrestling didn't contribute much, and kept any wrestling defeat isolated to things that don't show up easily on the
score card (stuffs and strength) so I have no issue with the split decision going to him (although had it been a 5 round fight Josh would have likely dominated rounds 4 & 5 IMO given his better cardio)but if Josh can handle Johnny's wrestling, GSP is going to have no issues at all with that part of Johnny's game ... standing up Johnny is going to have to overcome someone who shows up in the top ten (if not the actual record holder) of just about every area of MMA striking ( and he's going to have to overcome him quickly, because if it goes to round 4 and he's not clearly up 3 rounds to 0, Johnny might as well walk out of the cage and demand that GSP go through another round of drug testing, because he'll have a better chance of winning a GSP drug appeal than winning rounds 4 or 5.

Punchers chance is all he's got.
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