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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Hendricks is strong, he has a great wrestling background and knockout power. He also knows what GSP brings to the table and I'm sure he is training specifically for GSP's style.
Everyone knows what GSP brings to the table, and unless they're complete idiots they all trained for it. And they were all shut down and beaten in one-sided decisions.

Can Hendricks beat GSP? Sure. He's got a ton of power and like Hendo, he has a gift for landing that damn punch when he has no business doing so.

The problem for Hendricks is that no one is better than GSP and his camp at finding way to shut down their opponents. Remember all those guys who said GSP would be afraid to take Nick Diaz down because he'd get submitted on the ground? How'd that one work out?

I suspect something very similar is going to happen to Hendricks, GSP is going to find a way to shut him down and the entire forum is going to go back to complaining about how he's boring. And only a very few will realize the brilliance of how it was done and how much skill it took.
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