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Originally Posted by OU View Post
You guys need to be careful with all this MMAth you got going on. This guy did this to that guy who did this to that guy doesn't always add up in MMA.
Hendricks is strong, he has a great wrestling background and knockout power. He also knows what GSP brings to the table and I'm sure he is training specifically for GSP's style.
He is being overlooked, GSP is a very smart fighter but he hasn't looked super human lately. I think he is overrated by fans, the gap between him and others isn't nearly as wide as most people make it seem.
Its easy to list all the positive features of a fighter to make them sound good. I like Johny. I would like him to win if I'm honest. But, looking at all the fights in his recent streak, its clear to me Hendrix lacks a bit of stamina. In all his recent wins, he either impressively knocks his opponent out in round one, or goes on to win a close decision. With each subsequent round, he looks worse and worse. He never improves as fights go on. Its all downhill.

GSP is strong. He never wilts. His use of reach is the best at WW. He's been in more 5 round fights then most. He has all the ingredients to shut Hendrix down.

In a nutshell, if the fight goes into round 2, its over for Hendrix. I dont think he has a 5 round war in him.
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