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Originally Posted by HellRazor View Post
The funny thing is, I'd say after 25+ years of training across seven or eight martial arts, I'd conclude that winning in the clinch is the ultimate PROOF you're the better martial artists.

'inside' is the safest place to be, AND you have more weapons at your disposal. When you're physically attached to the other fighter, it's much more about who's smarter, and better trained, and much less about who's a better athlete.

In this case though, JDS was up against a guy who just wants to attach himself to you, put the pace on you and beat you up. It's not subtle.

Solution: JDS has to get more mobile. If he gets ten clean shot's at Cain's head, Cain will go down. But to get ten clean shots, he has to keep Cain off of him. Standing in front of him or retreating straight backwards will fail.
I disagree, I think Junior needs to work his clinch game exclusively. Cain will never stand with him, not in 100 rematches. Junior showed Cain can't keep him down so it's a clinch battle and Junior needs to work on it. I could see in 2 years time a 4th match when Junior is steamrolling everyone and he convinces Dana he's changed. Junior needs to spend time every day with people that are better in the clinch than him. Go get training from the guys that gravitate towards the clinch battles. If anything it's the weakest part of the Brazilian repertoire. Cain is like a magnet, mobility isn't going to do squat, he'll just have a second or so extra to close the gap, won't change the fight.
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