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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
If you can call that a neck crank. He was caught in kesa gatame in I believe Japanese (judo) or a scarf hold in english (sambo and I think some jiu jitsu though its not as prevalent in JJ because they feel its too easy to get your back taken.) It is a heavy position and you donr feel like you can move at all but its pretty far from a submission to anyone who's felt it. No one with any kind of experience is going to tap in that position. Because the force while unfomfortable isn't overwhelming. If he tapped to anything it was a smother not a crank. It looked more to me like CC had just never been in that position and the weight in his chest was heavy and he tapped because he thought he was in more trouble than he was.

Fyi Kesa Gatatme is pronounced like "case-ah katami."

Yes, Newton caught Pat in what catch wrestlers would call a bulldog choke. It's a pretry brutal choke essentially a reverse gullitone. Which is nothing at all like a scarfhold/kesa gatame.

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I enjoyed the breakdown. You should do these more often...Graice style.

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