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Originally Posted by IronMan
Because the armbars, the triangles and the keylocks are textbook BJJ[/FONT]
I was looking through an old Judo book made around the time when Helio Gracie was fighting and i noticed it has alot of things not practiced as much now because most dojo's practice for the sport of Judo not Judo itself but i knew this to some extent but the Rear Naked Choke, Triangle Choke(both legs and arms), Guillotine Choke, Armbar, Kimura, Americana(not sure if thats what it is in BJJ), Armbars and a few other submissions are all in Judo and it was before BJJ came to the world and the takedowns Scissor takedown, single and double leg takedown are all in Judo but i noticed how much of BJJ was Judo and i knew that Judo played a part in the making of BJJ but seeing so much of it surprised me, although BJJ is more technical than Judo newaza(ground techniques)seeing as even know Judo has alot of the techniques of BJJ, a BJJer is bound to catch a Judoka in a submission due to being in a bad position.

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