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"Mirko has no clue of the kind of trouble he has gotten himself into"

Wanderlei Silva has made no execuses for his losss and has simply stated he wants to fight Mirko one more time

Cro Cop's redemption

"All about the night when Mirko Filipovic finally conquered his first major belt – after a KO over Wanderlei Siva and a crushing victory over Josh Barnett
The afternoon of September 10th in Japan began with two knee strikes, a mount and the choke from the back applied by Cyborg on Japanese bixer Nishijima. Or, at least, that’s how it started on the ring of Saitama Super Arena. A beginning just like the sushi Murilo Bustamante was eating back in Brazil when he said: “I’m going to root like crazy for Wanderlei Silva…” Let’s allow the reader to reflect for a second. “…In the first fight,” Minotauro’s training mate adds with an ironic tone of voice. He considers the Chute Boxe star to be a most suitable – or a less tricky - opponent for Nogueira.

Aloof to Bustamante’s interests, Wanderlei is jumping up and down in his corner, the mouth protector shinning white while Cro Cop is walking the plank. There’s clapping in Brazil and silence in Japan. The fight begins and Wand charges forward. This time, Cro Cop does not walk backwards. There’s no study. Mirko is more effective both in the dodging and the hitting. So much that Wand shoots the legs and puts Filipovic in his guard. After a few moments when the fight loses its rhythm, the fighters are back on their feet. Silva insists in going for it. Then, a right hand blow lands on his face and knocks him down. Quickly, Cro Cop enters Silva’s guard and punches repeatedly his foe’s nose and right eye – both areas already hurt. Blood gushes out and the fight is interrupted.

Body language is 60% of communication, according to Hitch, the character played by Will Smith in the movie with the same name. Wand’s thumb and index finger close together and the expression on his face give away what’s going on. “Just a bit more,” the subtitles would read if there were any. The referee nods his head. Captions: “It is over.” The gesture discussion goes on for a moment and Wand’s plead prevails: the fight continues. There are applauses in Brazil and agitation in Japan – where fans love the warrior spirit.

Cro Cop insists for the fight to resume on the ground.

It is a wise decision that hinders Silva from his last chance of recovery. From the guard, Wand looks like a tamed beast. There is not much he could do to express his anger. So the Chute Boxe star tries a series of short punches that have no effect at all on Cro Cop. The Croatian knows that once the fight returns to the stand up position, Wand would be a lot calmer.

Even so, it’s best not to risk it. Once both are up again, Cro Cop returns to his usual counter-strike game. He kicks Wand’s ribs. Wand keeps going forward. Mirko hits the ribs again. Wand seems not to be affected by it but he lowers his guard a bit. The next kick hits Wand’s head. It looks like a missile that was fired accurately and leaves a mark. A cut the size of a fist on the right side of Wand’s head. The Brazilian laid down unconscious. He was saved by the referee that prevented Cro Cop from continuing his attack. That was the shocking end of Wand’s adventure among the heavyweights.

“Mirko fought very well,” admitted later Rudimar Fedrigo, leader of the Chute Boxe Team. “I’m very upset. I guess no one expected such an outcome,” he continues. You couldn’t help noticing the prostration of the “big master” – mentor and kind of second father to Wanderlei. “I don’t like to see Wand hurt like that. His defeat affects all the team,” he confesses. “Of course he’s sad but he already told me that he’s going to be back and that he wants to face Mirko again.” Somebody close by comments that Mirko has no clue of the kind of trouble he has gotten himself into. “There’s no doubt about it,” says Fedrigo, looking into the future

SOURCE: Cro Cop's redemption

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