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Good post.

It's interesting that you mention that, because alot of people make the mistake of thinking that BJJ comes from Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. The first Gracies were taught Judo, not Japanese Jiu-jitsu, so that is where the techniques come from and that's why alot of BJJ techniques are based on Judo moves, some of which are still practiced, some of which are not.

Helio was pretty open about learning from judoka who were at the top of their game. Even in defeat he made sure that he learned something. After all, that's how the Kimura became a standard BJJ technique.

Alot of judoka stopped teaching those older techniques when they stopped working against BJJ fighters because of the way that BJJ adapted the leverage to make the techniques more effective.

The thing about BJJ is that it didn't really come from anything new because it's really hard to find a submission that is entirely new, even seventy years ago. What the Gracies did was adapt their submissions to make them work for a smaller fighter, like Helio, or Royce in the early UFCs.

You know, some people believe that there's nothing new under the sun, but the fact is, we get new techniques and evolve the level of combat by adapting things like leverage to create a better submission, or a submission that is easier to get to. That's how submission fighting constantly evolves.

The point that I was trying to make is that even though there's nothing new, there's still alot to learn, and since most people aren't even aware that these things work or what they look like, it might as well be new.

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