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Round 1 – Campuzano takes the center as Pettis shifts side to side. Campuzano shoots in on a takedown. He gets it, but Pettis has the neck. Campuzano waits through it, and they return to the feet. Pettis kicks the body, but Campuzano grabs it and shoves him back. Campuzano elevates, and Pettis tries to return to his feet. Campuzano slips around to the back, but Pettis turns in and pushes him to the floor. Pettis lands a knee, but Campuzano crawls back to his feet, and we reset. Slapping kick to the body for Campuzano. Even work thus far in a back-and-forth battle. Pettis now stalking, but his corner wants him to pick up the pace. He slaps the leg, and Campuzano feels it. More leg kicks from Pettis. Campuzano’s left leg looks to be bothering him. Stiff right from Pettis. Another scores. Pettis holding the center, and Campuzano is loading up on power shots but is unable to land. Flying knee from Pettis lets Campuzano catch him and shove him to the floor. Campuzano gets a little offense late, but MMAjunkie gives Pettis the round, 10-9.

Round 2 – Pettis immediately attacks the legs. Campuzano throws long punches, but Pettis really settling into a rhythm with his hands. Campuzano looking to take the fight to the floor, but Pettis easily defends. Campuzano continues to walk forward, and Pettis’ corner asking him to stay mobile. Campuzano shoots in, but Pettis defends and reverses, taking top position. Campuzano tries to move up in a scramble, and Pettis briefly takes the neck. Campuzano rolls through, but Pettis goes for an arm and then again to the neck. Great defense from Campuzano, rolling through each of the attempts and actually winding up in top position. Two minutes remain. Pettis tries to set up the triangle, but Campuzano elevates through it and looks to punch. Pettis rolls and exposes his back. Campuzano moves to the back and sinks in a hook as Pettis stands. Slick escape from Pettis on the feet sees him fall into top position and move immediately into side control. Campuzano kicks free, and they reset with 30 seconds left. Pettis scores a knee that buckles Campuzano. Round ends there, and Pettis takes it again, 10-9.

Round 3 – Campuzano sat down in Pettis’ corner at the end of the second. He definitely looks a bit tired, but he moves forward at the bell. Pettis in the center. He’s not moving quite as much, and his corner wants him to get busy. He misses a spinning kick, but he locks in a D’Arce on the feet. Campuzano kneels down and angles away, freeing his head. On the restart, he shoots in and scores a takedown. Pettis holds tight underneath. Campuzano trying to pass the guard, but Pettis has other ideas and starts looking to work his legs high. Campuzano has no trouble pushing it aside, but Pettis keeps looking for options. Campuzano stands, and Pettis nearly hits the push sweep, but Campuzano settles back down on top. Pettis pushes him away, and they go to the feet. Campuzano looks at the clock. Little more than a minute, and he’ll need something special. Instead, Pettis looks quick with his hands. Campuzano lands a knee, but it’s not quite flush. He shoots, and Pettis stuffs it before sliding around to the back. Campuzano crawls up, and they go toe-to-toe in the final seconds. Pettis with a toss to end the fight, and he takes the final round on the MMAjunkie card, 10-9, earning the fight 30-27.

Result: Sergio Pettis def. Will Campuzano via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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