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It cracks me up when people cry about bieng neg-repped.


I'm sure alot of those that cry about negrep are guilty themselves. Not everyone in life is going to agree with you and alot of people you meet in this world are A-holes. If neg rep on a MMA board has u all bent outta shape, then you are going to be in big trouble when you enter the real world.

Don't feel bad if u only have 1 or 2 rep bars, most of the people with 4+ bars got the majority of thier rep from the "rep thread" or have been members for over a year with 2000+ posts.

People are'nt just going to rep you for anything.
remember the more pos-rep u give, the more you will recieve, it's a two way street. Also if you post articles, interviews, videos and breaking news, you will get more rep than if you were to post how great Randy Couture is or Fedor is the man type posts.

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