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Most despicable protagonist in a video game

How bad does the hero have to be to actually make you root for the villain. The creators of these game tries so hard to get you to relate to the main character but for one reason or another you just end up hating him/her.

I recently played Soul Calibur 5 and I have to say I considered it to be one of the most generic titles I have ever played. I can go into a lot about why this title fails but for now I will focus on the one aspect- are "hero" Patroklos. Throughout story mode this guy comes off as a whiny little douchebag who doesn't listen to others and never had real character development. The first thing he does in story mode is kill some guy for no real reason and without remorse. He took joy in killing this guy and for some reason the game wants me to root for him? What a piece of shit. That one act alone made me despise this asshole.

You know who I think is the most despicable protagonist but who do you think wins this title?

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