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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Tidus/Squall, can't stand either of them.

My favorite would probably be Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition.
100% of pure awesomeness.

Tidus was annoying. "I'm star player of the Zanarkan Abes and this my story." I never could understand how the main character of this game isn't the protagonist. FFX was telling Yuna's story and Tidus came along just for the ride.

There was somebody else I thought sucked and I'll probably catch a lot of shit for it. The reason I didn't care too much for Saints Row 2 is because I didn't care for "The Boss." I'm fully aware that were playing a bad guy who is doing immoral things but their is something about him that really makes me want to hate him. I thinks its because this guy lacks personality. Think about it of all the characters in this game he is the one that comes off as completely bland. Maybe that's just me but that is the way I see him.

Edit: I should proof read before posting lol

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