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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
100% of pure awesomeness.

Tidus was annoying. "I'm star player of the Zanarkan Abes and this my story." I never could understand how the main character of this game not be the protagonist. FFX was telling Yuna's and Tidus came along just for the ride.

There was somebody else I thought sucked and I'll probably catch a lot of shit for it. The reason I didn't care too much for Saints Row 2 is because I didn't care for "The Boss." I'm fully aware that were playing a bad guy who is doing immoral things but their is something about him that really makes me want to hate him. I thinks its because this guy lacks personality. Out of all the characters in this game "the boss" seems to be the only one that lacks humanity.
Man I love that game (Deadly Premonition), I wish more people would have played it. Such a great game and crazy characters.

I never played Saints Row 2 to be honest. I liked Saints Row the Third and I got near the end of Saints Row 4 and then my save file glitched. I'm not sure who "The Boss" is.
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