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Originally Posted by wukkadb

I advise you to re-think this statement as well. Protein is very overrated and you will NOT gain size from protein! Carbs, fats, and CALORIES are what gain you size, not protein. Protein helps restore your muscles and build them, but it doesn't generally help you gain mass. If you really want to get big, you need to be macking over 4,000 calories a day, with lots of HEALTHY carbs and HEALTHY fats. I would suggest 1 gram of Protein per LB of BW then 3-4 grams of Healthy Carbs per LB of BW. The myth that protein is all you need to get big is retarded, and is backed by only bodybuilders. If you eat 400 grams of protein a day you won't want to train ever, you're going to feel shitty and be very tired. Vegetables, healthy fats, and carbohydates(healthy ones) are the most important things in your diet.
Protein is the most important by far. You need carbs and fat, but protein is much more important. The only problem is when people take in too much and become lethargic.
I would say 350gif you are 200 pounds looking to bulk up would not only not be unhealthy, but totally necessary.
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