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The Best and Worst of Star Wars

If its one thing George Lucas does best its whoring out the Star Wars franchise by creating lots of merchandising. Which is exactly why we have countless Star Wars video games. Today, we are going to pick the best and the worst of the Star Wars video games.

For me the best is Knights of of the Old Republic. Its one of the best RPG games the Xbox has ever put out (aside from Mass Effect). Great Story that is original and fun. Doesn't make Millennium Falcon or R2D2 references. The choices you could make with your character was endless. If you never played then get you butt on EBAY right now and get one.

The Worst is another exclusive for the Xbox, Star Wars Kinect. This game has piss poor Kinect detections which makes controlling the game a hassle. This is evident when you are doing pod racing because for whatever reason the Kinect can't read leaning which makes turning right or left so much fun. Dueling with other force users should have been a fun addition to this game but unfortunately controls are broken for that as well. Aside from bad controls the game has a weak story hosted by generic characters. The only thing that is good about this game is the most outrageous thing about it....

This game was a total cash grab and also a good example why you shouldn't get the Kinect.

So what is your favorite and most hated Star Wars game?

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