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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
It is just Skyrim with less flexibility in developing your character and a bunch of people you don't really interact with running around doing the same thing as you.
"It is just Skyrim" - that alone makes it worth buying. Although it's more than just Skyrim as it has many different regions. As for interacting with people, I joined a few parties and had fun talking about the game with them. It certainly can be played solo, but I had fun with groups.

As for what I'm playing, basically just Forza 5. I'm having a blast playing it, addicted to it to be quite honest. Some are complaining that you can buy cars with real money instead of earning them, but that was in previous Forza games as well, only this time it's much more expensive to buy the cars with money and it's much harder to earn top level cars. Basically - getting top level cars is more difficult than it has ever been. Luckily the gameplay is so great and addicting that I don't mind the grind at all.

I've basically stopped playing Killzone online. I got to level 5 on Resogun but I can't beat the final boss and although it's a fun game I just don't like it enough to push to beat it at the moment, later on I'm sure I'll give it another shot. I'm going to buy Ryse/Knack next month, both games look interesting to me.
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