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Monday June 25th


9:00Am: Bagel with cream cheese, fried egg, 2 multivitamins, 2 calcium supplements, cup of coffee
~325 calories

11:00Am: Couple handfuls of grapes, piece of toast with peanut butter
~325 calories

1:00Pm: 12 inch Ham subway sandwich on wheat bread + diet pepsi
~700 calories

4:00Pm: Whey Protein Shake with Milk
~250 calories

4:20Pm: Straight dank nuggles

5:30Pm: 2 breadsticks, handful of lemon chicken salad, one slice of cheese pizza, 4 ribs, about 6 oz of chicken
~1,500 calories(that was a good ass meal)

10:00Pm: Bowl of cheerios with milk
~200 calories

Approximate Calories: 3300 calories? Lol, I ate a lot today. Feels good

Strength Training: Squat Day

Full Squats:70x1x8

Front Squats:70x1x10

OH Squats:90x1x6

Sledge Hammer Training:
Right Handed x 1 x 20
Left Handed x 1 x 20
*Alternated sides after every 5 reps, took a short break after a set of 20(10 each side). The sledgehammer has a 10 lb hammer and I hit it against dirt.

What a stud

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The power of Aleks, his small baby and pimp hardcore dogs has granted you useful insight, my friend.

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