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Judokas Log

Well i might as well start one but i won't be doing much for a week and a half.

I have experience in of course Judo as well as Boxing and some experience in Karate.

Height - 6'0
Weight - about 145(don't have a weight scale)

Food -

Weetbix x6
Apple x2
Chicken wings x2
Water(approx. 8 glasses)
Sandwich x1

Exercise -

30 minutes Bagwork(combos and cardio)
*15 minutes Shadowboxing with weights(decreased weights as time went)

I will exercise and workout a lot more very soon and my training ways range from modern with weights etc to traditional Karate training methods.

*Note - The shadowboxing with weights will increase hand speed with strikes and i am quite sure it is best to start with say 10 kilograms and decrease it to say 2.5 kilograms and then go to the bag and do bagwork or shadowbox but the bagwork after the speed weight training is better.

I will write from time to time explanations of techniques i know mainly Judo throws and i was about 2 sentences away from completing one about Uki Goshi(Floating Hip) and my computer stuffed up so sorry guys i will make it up to you.

But for know here are the 3 main and most important parts of a throw.

Kuzushi - Breaking the opponents balance.
Tsurkuri - Body contact
Kake - The part of the throw and follow through.

Next entry i will probably write a technique description, anyone got any requests of a Judo technique they want explaining? i will if i can.

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