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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Welcome back HGH. Think after watching The Walking Dead I started thinking about governing. What would I do if I was the ruler?

If I ruled society I would create a three day week. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. One day of work then it's the weekend. Friday is the new Monday.

Currency would be abolished as it would be a bartering system although bitcoins is an interesting alternative.

Food, medicare, shelter, education would be free. Democratic ruling panel to govern society with a four year term. If the President excels like Clinton then we can have em indefinitely or up to a 24 year term. Quarter of a century seems fit. Sure he was a womanizer, but international relations were at an all time high and the economy was surging.

Finally every family will have a two child policy as we're near a tipping point. Otherwise we'll begin to contract much like what is happening presently. Depletion of natural resources, economy in turmoil, wars + upheaval, climate change, disease, and the extinction of various species.

No more class, no more poverty, which should almost eliminate most crimes (not all.) All military will be abolished. All lands are shared equitably. Research into medicine, science, and the technology to explore outer realms. Poverty is what's behind incessant breeding, crimes, poor health, and a lack of education. With free education I think society as a whole will grow and prosper.

Thanks for reading.
you're welcome

Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
Having some wonderful breakfast, finally got a chance to sleep at home which is just the best feeling.
nice to see you around. This place needs more Rauno

I know G_land still lurks, this is for you buddy

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