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Originally Posted by theboz19
I would love to see Wandy take another beating. But I want Chuck to get to do it this time. Wandy is just a physically fit animal with no real skill. His fights are extremely entertaining though. I loved the begging for just a little more time in the corner. The doctors do the eye test as more of a test of will. If the fighter doesn't want to continue he can just stop tracking the finger and blame the doctor for calling the fight. He needs to stay at Light Heavyweight. The big guys can absorb most of his flailing away. He would be really dangerous if he allowed a Scottish boxing coach to show him how to throw those 13 punch combinations.

First off, Chuck would get kneed the **** out. And to say Wanderlai has no real skill is like say Shogun doesn't know how to clinch. Cmon, i would like to see you get in the ring and take out most heavyweights, and pretty much everyone in Pride. To have a winnin streak for 5 years says more than what Wand haters think. Didn't Chuck look bad at the Rampage fight, so how can another outstanding fighter have a bad match. The only thing that Wanderlai has a problem with is being so anxious and throwing punches when he shouldnt be..he needed to stay calm and not force the pace like the he did the first fight. And Wand imo opinion was robbed the first fight with Cro cop, so why can't a new fight and I would hope an improved and strategized Wanderlai win a fight with Cro Cop. Anything is possible.

Also, if Cro cop lost to Randelman, does that mean that he has CC's number? I mean its MMA, anything can happen. Cro cop is a beast, but anyones human, and for 2 greats fighters, its hard to predict. Though I think in LH, or Middleweight (Pride), Wandy would still dominate.
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