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Hughes has NOT evolved since the last fight so please stop saying that. What proof do you have that he 'evolved'? He was at his best when BJ beat him and I'm sick of hearing people say the only reason Matt lost is cuz he overlooked BJ. That's a load of shit. Yea it might play a SMALL factor on the fight but no way in hell is that an excuse for being DOMINATED. All the people who use this excuse wouldn't say the only reason Royce lost to Hughes was cuz he 'overlooked' him. BJ beat the shit out of Matt Hughes plain and simple. It's not like Matt went into that fight with absolutely no training (although it looked like it). He went into this fight to defend his title just like every other fight. If you think he overlooked BJ then what would you say about GSP when he faught him. GSP wasn't anything TOO special back in that fight, so I'm sure Matt 'overlooked' him a little too, but that didn't stop him from winning now did it? You guys need to stop making excuses it's all on the tape MATT GOT DOMINATED PLAIN AND SIMPLE!
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