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Originally Posted by esv
I would tie him down, and make him give Tim Sylvia a blowjob for an hour.

Some guy kills your family, what do u do.
Chinese Water Tourture for a period of 20 days

Followed by Botox and Novocaine Face and Mouth Injections for a period of 6 days so they have trouble eating the food I serve him.

Then I'd make him stand up for 40 days straight

Then I'd administer a high dosage of Epinephrine and lock him inside a small closet for a period of 8 hours

then for a period of 1 week I would make him listen to Mims - This is why I'm hot, all day.

Then I'd Drown him and revive him 2 times like they do in the navy seals and then make him fight Fedor for 30 minutes barenuckled. Then if he is stil alive,

I'd shoot him in the knee caps with a desert eagle. Then I'd hire a surgeon to repair his knees and then after he recovers, I'll shoot them again.

Then I'll cut off his leg with a table saw and administer salt to the wound and bandage it up.

Then I'd make him watch the movie Gigli for 1 week.

Then i'd feed him to a pack of rabid wolves

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