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Unfortunately Video Games is now the "Hot Media" when it comes to blaming the woes of youth nowadays. Although it is has been proven by studies that the greatest number of gamers are actually between 17-32 years old. In any case, until you have a set of gaming fans making their way into Congress/Senate, politicians are going to cling to them as easy scapegoats whenever some kid has public "issues." What ever happened to actually parenting the kids?

It is funny to see how some countries would go about banning some things but not others. I know that Germany has a complete ban on any reference to Nazi Germany, WWII German symbols, text, logos and other catch figures/phrases. In their modern form of History WWII never even happened. They also have a full moratorium on any depiction of blood in games also.

There is actually a couple of games that I can recall off the top of my head that weren't banned but were recalled off of the shelves. Toy Story for the PS1 is one of them, and Kakuto Choujin for XBox is the other. With Toy Story it was recalled after a protest was put in that the only human enemy (a boss fight) was "easily identified as having a hispanic ethnicity." It actually caused a huge uproar because the only human foe was "an evil mexican."

With Kakuto Choujin one of the character was a Muslim, and during his ending cinematic it showed him brutally finishing off the other characters while a Muslim prayer was heard being chanted in the background. This angered many Islamic leaders siting that it promoted the idea that Islam "encouraged violence and brutality." Microsoft decided to recall the game shortly after that.

Just like MMA, Video Games will be targeted by any bandwagoning activist/politician with an easily spurable agenda. Granted the majority of the games that are banned aren't too much of a loss (the list posted above is laden with a few stinkers), but legal precedent is something that is a scary thing to deal with once it is set.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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