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The Ultimate Torchure,steps 1-10

materials needed:

one 12 gauge shotgun
40 sewing pins
1 rat
skillet, butterand garlic
sharp knife
one apple
one sledge hammer

Step 1: remove clothes,bound hands and legs together behind him then hang him by the bound so his stomach is facing the floor.

Step 2: put your fist into the anus with punching motion, then grab a rat and slip it inside the rectum

step 3: cut off his thumbs, his two big toe's,his ears, then fry them up in a skillet with some garlic

step 4: force him too eat his cooked self by threatening to cut his penis off if he doesent

step 5: after parts are eaten grab the 40 sewing needles you should have on hand and begin with sticking 20 in his right eye, stick them right into the eye and penetrate deep

step 6: grab pliars and ripp out every single tooth besides the very back teeth, grab an apple and force him too keep it in his mouth without dropping it or you would remove his penis and his toungue(a hard task without any teeth)

step 7: inject last 20 pins into the left eye, then cut out the right eye with the last 20 pins still inside of it, force the man too spit out the apple and then too chew and swallow his eye and all of the pins inside his eye. Threaten too remove his left eye if he does not comply

step 8: immediately force apple into mouth again, get a sledge hammer and break his chins and both sides of his rib cage with uppercut hammer strikes.Now remove 20 pins in left eye.

step 9:make circular incision on the top of the skull, remove peice of bone. brain should be visible, so insert prior removed 20 pins into all visible area's of the brain,leave in and prepare shotgun

step 10: point shotgun directly at jaw, blow jaw off preserving brain and life, blow genitals and penis off with shotgun blast, then shoot through midsection.This will be all thats needed, now throw him in a bathtub full of salt water and vinegar

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