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Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
But does he need a bit fantastical press conference?

Right now, GSP is a ***** is he retires. Hendricks had him, the judges were wrong. It's not GSP's fault, but he can't deny Hendricks the greatest moment of his MMA career by ducking the rematch.
Whats so fantastical about holding press conf at his gym...?!
And thats your opinion dude ! Some people think he lost some he won, And its his career now Hendricks's ... Hendricks will get his shot at the title again eighter way ...

Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post

Actually, real MMA fans would prefer him to you. You clearly are a HUGE GSP fan. Fair enough. But your opinion isn't the be all and end all of MMA. I'd almost say a majority of MMA fans I've spoke to are bored watching GSP fight, and don't care about his upcoming fights. I'm not excited about him fighting, but I enjoy his fights for the most part and wouldn't call him boring personally, but none the less, the dude's opinion is fair and pretty popular.
His statement proves that he's only watching mma for the excitement and KOs and doesn't see the beauty and the hard work ,in this sport and all martial arts !

And btw I'm not a huge GSP fan , infact I like Johnny more
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