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Originally Posted by Baby Shoes View Post
We clearly have different views on MMA dude... ofcourse we are watching it for the excitement too , That why the sport tis so popular , but I personnaly love every aspect of the sport , even how a fighter cuts weight or what he trains more and how much he trains , style and much more (even how strong they are mentaly/physically etc)...
I do think that GSP won the fight on points (cuz of the points sytem flawsbla bla bla) I dont wanna get into this discossion again ... But from a fight point of view ofcourse Hendricks won...
And I'm defending GSP here cuz I hate when people say that he's boring , they almost impling that he doesnt know how to fight , cuz they dont see the skill when gsp its on top of his oponent how precise , skilful and careful not to make a mistake , and not to say his hart , even when most fighters would slow down and easy give up he pushes and gives his best ...
That's why I get offended when people say that aboutGeorge cuz they dont see all of that , thats why I said that guy its not real mma fan cuz he doesn see all of that ...
(and btw compared to Rory ,GSP its way more entertaining ...)
Johny its kinda of a fighter that everybody likes , his wrestling and take down def its so good . Thats why he's so confident and awesome on the feet , cuz he knows that he can go thro anything ...
And btw Johny said that he doesnt care about GSP or what GSP will do , he want the belt and the belt only
People can be skilled, careful etc. and still go for the knockout. GSP's lack of interest in finishing a fight is why some people are bored of him.

I do enjoy aspects of the training and stuff, but only slightly. What MMA is to be, is when the cage door closes. Roy Nelson is lazy as fk in the gym, but dude has a sledgehammer for a right arm and can knock out almost every fighter in the division. That's the important thing.

Originally Posted by gazh View Post
Mate this is Georges St-Pierre not Cathal Pendred...
Yes...Cathal Pendred...? But to me, a press conference is a bit overboard. I'd tell my bosses, and they could do their on presser.

Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
I'm right with the majority on GSP lost and should give a rematch to JH. But if the guy is seeing Aliens he needs some serious mental help first. Your health comes first when your rich, young and good looking like GSP.
This must be why I destroy myself with alcohol
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