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Originally Posted by JASONJRF View Post
LOL I cant believe this. People are bitching about him holding a press conference? I wonder if the people bitching about him holding a press conference are the same people who bitched because he wanted to keep things private. He says nothing he loses he has a press conference to address the questions people have and make an announcement he loses. I think its a good idea to have a press conference.

Second Hendricks won the fight thats not a question. However after the third time watching it GSP could have won on points, said it before but the scoring system is flawed.

About GSP being boring this is what I have found out about GSP. I think he could have had a lot more finishes if he would go for them. This IMO is not GSP's fault I believe its his corner and gameplan. I remember a fight forget which one but inbetween rounds Greg Jackson straight told GSP to stop passing gaurd and just maintain position. I think there are opportunities to go for submissions or get to a more dominant position but GSP being the smart strategic fighter he is does not deviate from his gameplan. I think this may be why some people consider him boring.

I dont consider him boring but I do think that in a lot of his fights he could have done more to finish.
Or he could have just told everyone he is retiring a while ago (not THAT hard a decision. A few days to really decide and talk it over), or not say anything and accept the rematch he's undoubtabley been offered?

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