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Food -
I will not be doing this for my average food take ins they are similiar to the one above.

Exercise/Workout -
Pushups 35x3
Situps 125
2k Run
15 minutes Bagwork(combos and cardio)
Approx 7 minutes Knuckle conditioning
*Traditional Karate strengthening method x10

Today was a fairly light one and i will be making much bigger logs soon and also an explanation of a Judo throw(O Goshi).

*This is a very unknown but excellent body strength training method.

Stand with you legs even and about shoulder width apart. Have your hands in the Karate punching position which is a fist with the palms facing upwards(both and with open hands). Tense/Flex every muscle in your body that you can. When you have done this reach out and turn your arms and when they are extended grab the air slowly and curl them back in. The important part of this method is that you must tense your body and also push and resist reaching out at the same time and it is amazing how much it fatigues you when done them correctly and a few of them.

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