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Originally Posted by gazh View Post

Huge Exaggeration to suggest the chances of Lawler KOing Hendricks and his small head are 1 in a thousand.

1 in 2 Lawler KOs him, Lawler has looked so good since he is back at WW, people say Johnny is a big WW but he is just a heavy WW. Lawler on the other hand would not look too small at LHW.

Lawler will be the underdog here and maybe rightly so but I have a feeling this will be a lot closer than many think.
seeing as Hendricks has never been finished or really hurt while Lawler has been finised many times pretty much points to the fact that 1/1000 is about right. To hit someone hard enough to KO them you have to hit them at the perfect distance which has a room for error of an inch or two. Lawler is an old school fighter and the odds of Hendricks standing there with his hands down in range of Lawler's hardest punch is pretty minimal especially considering Lawler isn't that fast. How many times have you seen Hendricks get wobbled by a punch or a kick where he backs up? I can't remember any.

This is just opinions obviously, maybe Lawler has a better shot than I'm giving him but the odds are close to Silva vs. Bonnar imo. Hendricks is the next class of fighter, just like it's been happening for 2 decades, new styles develop that completely dominate old ones and no matter how strong or hard you hit it won't matter if you are an entire generation behind. Just like when Rampage fought Jones, you could see the will was there but the skillset was the problem. Even if Lawler hits Hendricks with his best shot Hendricks is probably chin tucked hands up and he counters pretty quick, it's gonna have to be one of those behind the ear punches that screws up the equilibrium followed by a barrage of gnp to finish Hendricks.
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