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Originally Posted by log View Post
Just wondering if anyone has video of his appearance after the whole phone call announcing him giving up the belt.

The majority of it was in French and the translator seemed to miss a lot of what GSP was saying. With that said here is what I caught.

- GSP claimed that although he was announced as going to the hospital he had superficial cuts that were being tended to after the fight (he mentioned something about playing volleyball on the beach somewhere the next day but the translator didn't pick up on it)

- A UFC official told GSP first that the post fight press conference was 'full' and that he wasn't allowed to go

- GSP insisted on going and was physically restrained by security and told point blank he was not allowed inside the post fight press conference. He pushed his way in and walked in anyway.

- He did not immediately know what Dana had said about him in the press conference and when he found out after he was really pissed

- Dana is a promoter at the end of the day and probably did that to hype another fight

A lot of that bugs me to a certain degree, specifically him being told he cannot go to the press conference. Does someone have that video or if you speak French and get it, translate what it is he said about that incident?

I had no idea about the majority of this. Pretty wild.

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