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Are you kidding me?

I would really like to know what I did to get banned this time? I understand why I got banned in the past but this time is ridiculis.

I did not troll, attack other members, stir up crap, curse, send nasty pm's, neg rep or anything else against forum policy.

Not only that but I intelligently debated my argument using facts and real arguments and I got banned. Other members on this board even commented on how my argument was solid.

Admins, Get your house in order, just because a mod does'nt agree with my posts does not give him the right to ban me, that is so childish. instead of banning me why not debate me, you see I am capable of having an intelligent debate and that was exactly what I was doing. But because my oppinion is not popular I get banned, what a joke.

It's Ok to post threads like, "last 3 words after sex" and "The official i hate Tim Sylvia thread", where people were saying horrible things about another human bieng and that is OK.

So for the record, is it against policy to like Tim Sylvia? He is an MMA fighter, right? Just because other people hate him does that mean I am not supposed to let people know that i like him, because it might stir up trouble? maybe If I posted a thread saying that AA is god, then i would have no problems.

The mod who banned me should be embarresed, can't handle the fact that i actually know what i am talking about, so you ban me.

I know that i am not the most popular member here, but that does'nt mean that I can't voice my oppinion.

Tony Starks
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