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Originally Posted by esv
Some guy kills your family, what do u do.
1st, I would find out where the guy lives and watch his every movement for a month.

Once I know the habits and patterns of said guy, I would take something from every place he goes on a daily basis and place a note with his name in it's spot telling him that 9:00am is the hour of pain. After letting him find the notes in different spots over the course of a week, I'd take him from his sleep in the middle of the night by sneeking in his house and using Cloroform.

Once I have him in my basement, that has been sound proofed and locked tight, I would have him chained to a metal folding chair that is fastened to the ground securely. I would have a large digital clock on the wall that tells him the time.

Every morning I would get up at 8:00 and go down stairs and make sure he's awake, telling him that 9:00am is the hour of pain.

Then I'd go back upstairs and make lots of noise with different kinds of tools that would be painful (chainsaw, Circlular saw, Chains, Things like that).

Then at 9:00am on the first day, I would go down stairs and break his ankle with a sledge hammer and a 2x4 on each side of it (it might take a few wacks to do it, but I'm OK with that). Then after I know that it's broken, I'll take the rest of the hour moving it back and forth, pulling on it and pushing it in as hard as I can. At 10:00, I clean him up and give him some food, go back up stairs and wait until the next day.

The next day at 9:00 would include. Pulling teeth and then the rest of the hour digging at his gums with a pointed, metal nail file.

The day after would be burning his flesh with a metal rod and a blow torch.

The day after that would be cutting off his fingers one at a time and freezing the wound with that stuff you use to get rid of warts.

The day after that I would shave his head and take rough grain sand paper to it until it was raw almost to the bone, moving from one spot to the next until the hour was up.

I would keep this up until he dies. I could put a lot more stuff, but it's getting to be a long read already. :-D

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