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Originally Posted by Deadpool
So i've been cutting a massive amount of weight. I'm aiming at a drop from about 180 to keeping a walking weight in the 150s. My progress has been going pretty well and overall i've been able to maintain the majority of my muscle while continuing muscle development. However, it's become apparent that my pecs are just simply falling behind. I don't get it. I've always had naturally muscular pecs with a good amount of definition but since i've dropped weight the upper half of my pectoral area seems to be diminishing.

I don't get it. I'm still benching but the results just aren't there anymore. Any tips or ideas? Could it just be a result of my increased cardio or dietary changes?
When I do bench presses, I like to bring the bar down towards the top of my chest or my neck. I've seen better results with that than with the regular flat bench and bringing the bar down to the bottm of my chest
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