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Being a big GSP fan I'm sure that I'm taking this more to heart then if it happened to another fighter.

I get that big businesses need to make tough decisions but Dana once again makes things far too personal. GSP made the UFC so much money, they should have probably let the guy be and just come out to the post fight press conference without having to harass him. If this is the truth, which I believe it is, I hope Georges stays retired. Any comeback will only be benefitting the UFC.

History has told us that Dana and company have mistreated all of their fighters, the blatant disrespect for its biggest draws/stars is disgusting. Dana was more then happy to shit on Lesnar when he left and anytime they meet up or have "negotiations" I'm sure Dana lowballs him and then shits on him again for leaving and not coming back.

Perhaps its just a matter of perspective and my age but I haven't been as much into MMA as I was say a couple of years ago. The product to me is far to watered down compared to the days when you were seeing the actual top guys on every pay per view. The skill wasn't nearly as high as it is now but the excitement level was consistently better (or at least that's how I remember it). I could honestly give two shits about any division below LW and only select LW fights are of my taste. Don't even get me started on the womens division, its like watching women boxing or womens basketball, etc. its just not as good...not even close. That's not to take away from the skill involved and the just doesn't hold up.

Anyways I'm already sidetracked but my whole point is that any fighter that leaves on their terms or doesn't play the UFC's political game 100% of the time gets shit on and not respected. Georges was a great ambassador for the UFC and undoubtedly brought a pile of fans and viewers based off of his performances and professional approach. I guess we're dealing with Dana White here, a guy who only understands part of the word class, so I shouldn't be as disappointed as I am.

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