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this is what I replied too...

"Originally Posted by southpaw447
1) yes he did beat AA but he did not lay him out he was still concious when he was taking the shots on the ground. AA would have beaten tim if he hadn't tried to put him away with that last overhand right.

2) Tre isn't a world class fighter beating him doesn't prove anything

3 He didn't beat cabbage to a pulp they threw in the towel. Unlike Tim, AA finished him faster and in more devastating fashion than TIm. Plus Cabbage got Ko'd by Tank Abbot, so what does that tell you?

3) Domination of McGee? I have to say it was lucky punch and fighters from the Pit IMO aren't that great anyway

4) RIcco Rodriguez- Ricco is good but he got raped on reach disadvatage

Rua has had only 2 losses 1 when he was very young to Sobral which BTW was a tournament and his fight with Babalu was his second one of the night, and the other by an injury.

He's beaten

Overeem 2 times who is a world class kickboxer
Cyrille Diabate who is world class striker and Muay Thai fighter
Arona who is one of the top BJJ practitioners at 205
Kevin Randleman
Lil' Nogueria
UFC LHW Champion Rapage Jackson"

this was my reply (the specific post that I was warned 3 times for)......

Tre was a very good fighter who beat Igor V in PRIDE. I never said he was world class, but he is a tough fighter.

"He didn't beat cabbage to a pulp they threw in the towel."
do you realize how dumb that sounds, if your corner throws in the towel, you are beat up pretty bad.

Lucky Punch on Gan Mcgee, Chuck Lidell had alot of lucky punches too I guess.

Ricco had a reach disadvantage, the only one reaching is you, that is such a weak argumant.

Honestly, not even joking anymore, you are maybe the dumbest member on this forum. ^^^^ that you wrote is total fanboy nonsense, you discredit every win the guy has and then claim that Cyril Diabate and overeem are A fighters, lol.

Also if you did'nt get what i meant when i was talking about GSP, then you are truly ignorant, go back and read the post.

Read Damone's and Pogo's posts on this subject, It's funny that nobody answered what they wrote. Tim has finished 78% of his fights, that's a fact.

You are incabable of having an intelligent debate, grow up. i remember a month ago you said the Lion's Den was garbage, until Damone set you straight. Now your coming off as some kind of expert. Go rent some DVD's pal because you clearly lack knowlege.


I do not think that post warrents bieng banned and niether did you BP.
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