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Originally Posted by Sylviafan
I'm going by my E-mail, I had 3 messages from Warning Bot, all of them were for the same post.

those other posts you are talking about BP, I was warned for when I posted them about a month ago.

So the mods can go back a month or so and give you warnings for posts that i was already warned for, that is not fair.

I'm going to take a break from this place, but you guys haven't heard the last of Tony Starks! Muhahahaha

*Tony Starks rides off into the sunset*
The emails were from the same post getting removed. I warned you (justifiably) but then I noticed you got banned, felt bad, and I was in a good mood so I thought Id be nice and remove it. When I removed I noticed you were still banned and kept hitting the remove button. It mustve sent you an email 3 times.

If you wouldnt have had so many warnings in the first place that warning wouldnt have gotten you banned anyway so quit crying. Your lucky we dont ban you right now because you have a second account.

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