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Exercise -
Extended Situps x100
Pushups - 5 sets of 40
Bicep curls 45kg - 5 sets of 5
Benchpress 45 - 4 sets of 15
Bagwork(combos and cardio)
Bagwork(knuckle conditioning)

Judo Technique - Harai Goshi(Sweeping Loin Throw)

First of all this technique was used by Karo recently against Josh Burkman. The way to do this throw technique wise is not to land on them but many people do it in competition etc and there is no problem against it.

In this move the main feature is the use of your right leg and hip. The opponent's weakness lies to his right front corner.

A right Harai Goshi(left Harai Goshi is just the other way around).

Griping, with no gi grap the opponent's right tricep or lock their left arm and have their arm in your armpit area and the right hand goes underneath the opponent's left arm and the bicep should be facing upwards and have you hand around the opponent's shoulder area(I usually grab the top of the opponent's shoulder)

Pull the opponent forward(break Balance), with hes right foot leading. As his weight comes to his right toes, slide your left foot across in front of the opponent's left foot. suddenly and strongly pull hes body against yours, pivoting counterclockwise on your left foot. the opponents chest should be held tightly against the right rear side of your chest. Now still pivoting to the front, sweep your right leg back striking the opponent's lower leg with the calf of your leg. Turn your right foot and leg inward as you sweep. the sweeping of your leg and the pull of your arms will throw the opponent. For a successful application of Harai Goshi it is absolutely necessary that the opponent be unbalanced to the extent that releasing your hold on him would cause him to fall involuntarily.

You can land on the opponent and it is still Harai Goshi.

Harai Goshi
YouTube - harai goshi

*note - A similar throw Harai Makikomi can be used and you land on the opponent and pretty much side control which i will post in further training log additions.

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