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Originally Posted by BJJ Boy
Because this judo came in and my instructor said lemme see what you got, and this guy did some sorta hip throw and my instructor reversed it and took his back.
What did it look like?

Judo is more taught by most western dojo's as the sport way of Judo which a technique is to give your back and turtle to stalemate the match so the referee will stand both Judoka's back up but in street fights or MMA this is a very bad thing to do which is why i don't take in teaching like this so my Judo is like the older judoka's like Masahiko Kimura(beat Helio Gracie) and in saying this Judo has the bad name by some people know because of this but if used correctly Judo can be very good.

Plus you have to be aware on who you are fighting.

I may be mainly a Judoka but i have a strikers physique, some Boxing skills and powerful hands so i would probably stay standing if i was fighting a BJJ expert, whats the point of taking down someone that wants to be on the ground?

Although io love the old BJJ V Judo stuff i think people should leave it as that and stop carrying on about it because Judo and BJJ together is a powerful combination and people like Shinya Aoki, Yushin Okami and Fabricio Werdum use it.

many people don't do this but you have to fight with a style that suits you which many people don't do that they just use what knowledge they have with no strategy.

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