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Recovery and havin an iron chin are two different things. Cabbage has an iron chin cos you can smash it all day and he wont get dazed or wobbly. Rich Franklin has good recovery as he will get rocked, dropped to the foor but get straight back up and fight at a high level. Recovery is more due to cardio, havin an iron chin is natural. You can make slight improvements by strengthening your neck but thats about it. There are excercises that teach you how to take a punch however. Theres 1 i like to do which seems to be quite effective. Get someone to really slowly throw a punch at you, straights, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, overhands, the lot (Do each seperatly until you get good though. When the punch is just about to hit you start movin your head to go with the punch (move your head in the same direction as the punch). Keep doing this and increase the speed slowly as you go. This is different from learning how to avoid punches and is more about teaching you to lessen the force of a punch which you cannot avoid.
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