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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Fair enough. ASOIAF isn't for everyone! I couldn't put any of the books except Feast For Crows down (if GoT is giving you troubles then FFC will destroy you hahaha).

Percy Jackson series was fun. I enjoyed them. Very childish, more so than the Potter franchise. I absolutely loved and still do love the Potter books. I grew up with them though and was the 'right' age when I started reading them. Go back and re read them quite often.

Name of the Wind is FANTASTIC. Really. I adore the first two books in the series (with Wise Man's Fear being even better imo) and cannot wait for the third.

After that, if you haven't already, try out the Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett. First book called The Painted Man (I think it's The Warded Man in the USA but not 100%). A very unique and amazing fantasy series.

I am currently re-reading The Hobbit, and going to take another crack at The Silmarillion after. It's defeated me a few times, SUCH a tough read but I really want to know more about Tolkien's world.

After that, who knows. I got a Kindle paperwhite for Christmas so will load it up with a shit **** load of Fantasy books and just get lost in nerdiness.
I'm going to try it again later on, I think being sick hurt my interest in it a lot.

Yeah Percy Jackson is a bit more childish than HP, although to be fair HP is actually pretty mature. The thing I'm liking about the Percy Jackson series is how fast paced it is. Every single chapter is full of action and big things happening, it's just a fun read. It's not on HP's level, but it's fun.

Yeah I heard The Name of the Wind was great so picked it up (also Googled it to see if it was interesting to me, it was).

I haven't read any of the LOTR books or seen any of the movies... I have the movie trilogy on blu ray but I keep putting off watching it for some reason.
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