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Rousey's former Judo coach posts how-to video for escaping Rowdys signature armbar

Ronda Rousey's former judo coach Jimmy Pedro joins her former team mate Travis Stevens in an instructional video detailing how to escape "Rowdy's" signature armbar.

When UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was competing in judo, she was coached by four-time U.S. Olympian Jimmy Pedro and competed alongside two-time U.S. Olympian Travis Stevens.

Apparently, they didn't leave on good terms.

Not only were Pedro and Stevens rooting for Miesha Tate to win the UFC 168 co-main event against Rousey (see the highlights here) last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, but they subsequently released this tutorial on how to overcome "Rowdy's" signature move.

Take note, Ms. McMann.

It's certainly a different technique than the more common escape we've seen in mixed martial arts (MMA), which is the "hitchhiker" and rotation in, which has the defender get their hand rotated up so that the thumb is pointing toward the ceiling, allowing them to turn out.

Keep in mind my description of it is about as simplified and hacked together as it gets, but this video has none of that.

What's interesting to note is that not only is this a defense to the armbar, but it puts the defender in an advantageous position afterward. On other levels, it brings up an intriguing discussion on why her former teammate and coach dislike her enough to want to root for her opponent.

The original post over at Grapple Arts voices much the same questions and UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon has some answers:

I know Travis very well. He is not one to mince words and is no fan of Ronda. They lived together at the judo house at Jimmy Pedro's and I don't think Ronda left on the best of terms. I don't think he cares at all about her leaving judo or pursuing anything... I think it's all personal.
Hear Rousey's side of the story below:

Two sides to every story.

Still, it raises questions about former coaches and team mates sharing information after the fact. Does it violate some form of unwritten code? Or is all fair in love and war?
I didnt listen to Rondas side due to the video being 19 years long. If anybody knows where the relevant bit is, please post the time.

Anyway, bitchiness. My guess is somebody was shagging somebody and then shagging somebody else. So the original shag got pissed off. Which shag did the shagging of the other shag? Not sure. But shagging. Lots of it. With lube.
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