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Originally Posted by Life B Ez View Post
We all get it man. You don't like FPS and hate CoD and BF and believe they are overrated. You were right on cue because you say it everytime someone mentions them.

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I don't "hate" either game and I actually like FPS games when they bring new ideas/mechanics, in fact as I said I bought BF4. What I said was CoD/BF both get boring quickly and that BF4 isn't really an upgrade from CoD. Both are terribly old and rehashed series (thus neither bring anything new/exciting, it's not like BF4 is a new experience but Ghosts isn't, both are old dinosaur games sealed in new game boxes) that are made for two different types of people - one is an arena shooter, one is a team based shooter.

I wish they would innovate with both series, I'd like to see another type of BF 2142 game with new game modes, vehicles, game style, guns, controls, etc. I'd like to see the gameplay loosened up a lot with more melee modes added. BF 2142 had mechs, I'd like to see upgraded mech type vehicles that deal mostly in melee, think Hawken (but with melee). I'd love to see the next BF game actually innovate and bring new mechanics, and with the new power of consoles I hope they will, but they haven't at all all these years, so I don't think they will.

Originally Posted by GDPofDRB View Post
You basically just described the competitive FPS genre in general whilst adding the factors that distinguish the BF series apart from many others. Which is funny when you try to say it's basically th exact same game, a rehash, 10 years removed. So would you say Madden 25 is just a rehashed version of Madden NFL '94? They play gridiron football in stadiums where the surface is green. Just another exact rehash right?
I'm saying that BF1942 plays nearly identical to BF4. It has the same core mechanics, it has the same style of gameplay, it has the same theme (military), although the WW2 setting was far more interesting at the time. I'm saying that when you play BF1942, you run around killing guys while capturing control points and dodging (or using) vehicles, which is exactly the same thing you do in BF4. BF4 is BF1942 with upgraded graphics. Charging $60 for BF 1942 with better graphics annoys me considering they remake games in HD these days for half the price, like the Kingdom Hearts HD remakes.

I bought BF4 because there was nothing else to get on my PS4 after Knack, I enjoyed it for a few days, I'm not saying the game sucks. However, after 2-3 days my interest died completely because I've been playing this same game for 10+ years. How could it not get boring?

I don't play sports games so I can't comment on weather madden has changed enough through the years to be called rehashed, I can only say that BF/CoD most certainly is the same game rehashed since 10+ years ago. I played the first CoD and the first BF on their release dates, I've played the middle games of the series, and I've played both Ghosts and BF4, the newest entries. They are all the same games remade with new graphics (sometimes), and therefore both series are boring to me now and after a few days my interest dies in playing the new versions of them.

If you like them, cool.
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