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Originally Posted by GDPofDRB View Post
CoD does have it's qualities. But for the most part they wore off on me a few months into MW2. I liked CoD4, played it with budz for about 5 months before WaW came out, loved that game, the best in the series for me by far with the fun I had playing MP and Zombies. MW2 just became less fun by the day though, the format itself had begun to go stale (something Activision and their developers to this day have done a poor job mitigating imo), the exploits and hackers were getting out of control, and the focus on non player controlled AI enemies took away from the better parts of CoD in general, being the shooting matches with other players. It became a headache and not often fun enough. Black Ops suffered from the same things, I didn't last super long on that, MW3 was out of the question all together. I was convinced by some friends to buy Black Ops II, overall I regretted it. I think the next CoD should be co-cp zombies, it's the only aspect of the series I occasionally enjoy playing these days.

The thing with 2014 and CoD is CoD Ghosts is a last gen game. A game like BF4, even BF3, BC2.. are games the last gen couldn't handle, they had to be restricted and downsized considerably just to be playable on the last gen. The difference from BF4 on the 360 to Xbone is very significant. There is an occasional glitch, though I haven't experienced one in a few weeks, but it's a game processing a far more complex and dynamic experience for a gamer then a strict gun to gun arena shooter, the envelope is being pushed. My enjoyment of that experience is why I feel graduated onto bigger and better things. BF games and BF type games engage me far beyond what a game like CoD is able to do anymore. I can't run out of ways to play Battlefield, each match, really many multiple of times per match I change my focus, what I do, how I do it, where, etc.,. It has that to offer me which many games in the genre do not and about 90% of those methods I've used are fun and entertaining to me.
I love CoD personally, not as much as I used to though. Back in MW2 and Black ops I had pro status in the comp scene, and went to LAN events with my teams. When MW3 came out I strongly disliked the game as it catered towards the public scene, and I had other things going on that I could no longer grind the game. I just started playing again with Black ops 2, though did not go to any LAN events just played 2k series, and GBs. I enjoy Ghosts, but I'm kind of fed up with IW as they make the game solely for the public scene, Treyarch caters to both comp and pub.

I loved Bf3 for the most apart aside from the glaring glitches that were never fixed. I tried BF4 some but it didn't feel right with me so its been sitting on my shelf for awhile, I figure ill pick it back up when I switch to Xboxone here soon

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