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This is a low low percentage counter, its also why judo coaches should stick to coaching judo and not MMA IMO. I mean, I didn't follow the link but if this is being put out as "the way to beat Ronda's armbar" then good luck with that and LOL.

A. No gi's in the cage = this is a low percentage counter in a mma fight against Ronda, add to that the fact that Ronda is waiting for you to counter with this, its not like you are going to catch her unaware with a common knowledge counter move. She would just make the adjustments she would need to make to counter you're counter.

B. This mindset is wrong, the best way to defend Ronda's armbar or any armbar is not to be placed in that position to beguine with, period, at this point you are already behind the 8 ball so to speak.

The other thing that is misleading is the skill level at which Ronda rolls is not the same as her opponents ....

This guy is saying he can teach you how to drive better than Dale Earnhart wile driving a VW bus.

Also this counter is too situational to be effective, Ronda's armbar's are much too diverse to rely on one counter move to beat her, I mean come on.

I trained under Jim Harrison and I am just regurgitating what he's taught me in class. Jim has been recognized as the top judo instructor in the country many times.
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