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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
BF is an enormous upgrade to CoD. Everything from hitbox, bulletdrop, classes, vehicles, destructible environment. CoD is literally a run and gun game like Halo and so many others.

If you don't like FPS then you don't like FPS, but CoD is insanely inferior when you are talking about gameplay.

But that's my bit. To each their own. Not going to dive into this as it normally turns into a fullscale war.
It's arena shooter vs. non-arena.

BF4 isn't really an upgrade to CoD or Halo or anything, it's just a different type of online shooter. Like how Forza is a racing sim and Need for Speed is an arcade racer, both have cars/involve racing, but they are two different types of racers with different types of people in mind.

As for what I've been playing, honestly nothing. I got 100% on Knack like a week or two ago or longer and haven't touched any games since. There's really nothing that peaks my interest until Titanfall/Infamous comes out in March. Reading has filled that role thankfully.
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