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It's a league game, Smokey
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The scariest thing for me is that the CoD series is so successful. I worry we will see developers less and less willing to step outside the box and create a unique and innovative experience when the big bucks are found by making short games you can release once a year.

Originally Posted by ClydebankBlitz View Post
^Right now it's near enough the only thing I'm playing.
Not saying it is a bad game overall. I just think the sales strategy has set an extremely low standard for how much content justifies a game. I will get into that more.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
Not much of an upgrade. BF is the same game it's been for years just like CoD, both are really old at this point and just rehashes of the same game over and over. I had fun with BF4 for about 3-4 days then my interest died completely. Although to be fair I played this exact same game back in 2002 with BF 1942, only that game had fun maps with an interesting WW2 setting (at the time). Very little has changed in 10+ years.

The best FPS I've played in many years is the new Shadow Warrior.
This is my problem. FPS games should not be following the same model as sports games. There is not enough single player content in CoD: ghosts. It is basically a yearly update to the multiplayer with a few side missions tossed in.

Has the genre and the series improved over the years? Of course. But why on earth are people lining up in droves to pay $60 for a multiplayer update. It sets the standard very low and tells these companies that the best way to make money is to release games quickly. Look at the sales. Where is the incentive to take a few years and craft something innovative and creative. It's our fault as consumers for buying in to this kind of release model.

Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
For me CoD has always been a single player game. I loved the first CoD, I think it's the best World War 2 shooter ever made. None of the the sequels even come close in my opinion. Never got into the multiplayer of the game, Battlefield has always been more interesting in that department for me.
I'd be pretty pissed if I were you then. $60 for CoD ghosts single player is a huge rip off (if you bought it).

mad props: Toxic

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