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Originally Posted by wukkadb
I've just read a lot of studies on how it's bad for your kidneys, and I think a lot of it is companies trying to 'sell' their products. Protein is obviously essential, but too much can be detrimental.
Protein is essential, but many of the WRONG PEOPLE(just like Gatorade) use the wrong amounts.

If you're just jogging and lifting casually to keep in shape, just eat right and look for protein high foods and you'll be fine.

If you do the following:

Week 1:

Monday- Chest, Legs, Traps, Forearms

Tuesday- Bis, Tris, delts, 2 mile hill run,

Wednesday- Chest, Legs,Traps, Forearms

Thursday- Bis, Tris, delts, 1 mile hill sprint, 2 mile jog

Friday- Chest,delts, Traps, Forearms

Week 2:
Monday- Chest, Bis, Tris,
Tuesday- Legs - 5 mile run, delts, Traps
Wednesday- Chest, Bis, Tris,
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Chest, Bis, Tris, Delts, Legs, Traps 5 mile run
Saturday and SUnday: Rest

rinse, lather, repeat
(no more distance running)
Each workout is about 2 hours
Basically a bodybuilding routine...

Then yes, extra protein is needed.

I shoot for like 170-190g depending on workout day or not
Anything less and my body goes cold
I try to get what I can from REAL foods though.

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