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Originally Posted by Inggo
Thank you! And I hope so

Now lets all move on people..
This is kind of embarrassing you know.. look at the amount of reactions. Just for an introduction lol.
I'm a girl, so what?
I'm sure you've all met one before right?
You are all acting like you're living on an island without any women.

the internet is an island where it is dominated by men. Thats why, when see a girl, everyone starts to act a bit..weird :/

Read this for a bit more info

No girls on the internet - Encyclopedia Dramatica

"Nerd Rush

The Nerd Rush seems an odd term. Surely it is impossible, due to extremly poor physical condition for a nerd to rush anywhere?


However Nerd Rushing requires only the use of a single hand, a requirement more often met at it's bare minimum. Typically started when a new user makes an introduction post revealing off the bat that she is in fact female. Thus begins the frenzy as the pack decends, demanding documented evidence and proof. "

"Omae wa mou shindeiru"
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