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Will Fable Legends be Epic or just another disappointment?

Fable: The Lost Chapters was one of my all time favorite games. It had a real fairy tale vibe going for it and I loved every second of it. But after Fable 1 it seems the series got worse and worse. Fable 2 wasn't bad but the lack of boss battles seemed to have hold it back a little. Lucian was so ridiculously easy to beat it wasn't even funny. Speaking of ridiculously easy Fable games let's talk about Fable 3. I paid full price for this game and within two days (less then two days) I had this game beat. There was no challenge at all with this game. Your so overpowered with magic its impossible for you to lose. Not only that but the story was a let down. Fable: The Journey was nothing more then a horse simulation. A fine testament as to why the Kinect sucks balls. I don't even know what the hell Fable: Hero's was supposed to be. My point is at this point my expectations with the Fable franchise is at an all time low. Which is why I want to discuss Fable: Legends which is coming out on Xbox One.

I'm not impressed. I get the feeling this is going to be the worst one let. But I could be wrong. What do you guys think?

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