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Originally Posted by bloodknuck
having the name boxing>MMA is already an insult and obstruction towards the purpose of this discussion and forum. Hence "MMAFORUM.COM" but he is displaying his opinion of how boxing is greater than MMA...GTFO imo.
He obviously needs some attention and doesn't care whether it's negative or positive.

Anyway... back to the subject of this thread...

On the issue of deadlifts and takedowns. I'm no expert so I can only tell you what my experience has been. Deadlifts have improved my overall strength more than any other exercise. Think about the double-leg motion and the deadlift and find some intelligent way to argue that deadlifts won't help.

When I do deadlifts my back feel f*&#ing amazing afterward. (I'm not saying that I know for sure I'm not doing damage because I haven't X-rayed myself after working out, but I feel great.) Also, my posture noticeably improves after deadlifting. Sure, maybe deadlifting 600# every other day will hurt you. My max is 275# at this point so I'm only at about 1.5 X my bodyweight (I'm 6'2", 190#).

All boxing>mma is doing is trying to piss people off. He probably doesn't even believe his own crap.
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